July 30, 2009

doh pokya nak tido mana??

Whats need to be said is DONE.
Whats being DONE is NONE..

For what ever reason, seems that tc surfing scene is not going to make it big in the future. When you put business/politics/crap ahead of priority of the sports.. this whats happens. And the best part is, its all boloks talking, no action is done yet. The paper doesnt work by itself, you have to move your ass to get it done.
Hatred is the worst thing to have, but we do have it (dokleh tengok orang beh dari dia). Its killing the brotherhood and respect that we have towards each other. Well whats done, is done. We just have to move to the next chapter.
But one thing i am sure of is that, we're still gonna surf at tc. Maybe its a good thing, that we couldnt make it big. Maybe its going to be just among us whose riding all those 2-seconds waves. Like our own private surf pool. ~ Strictly locals only. ~

p/s: to some of us whose going to make it big in the future, you know that you cant improve just by surfing in one place. so get out there and push it hard everywhere you surf. and maybe just remember about your friends here at tc.

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