October 11, 2008

Make sure they state it as "GIFT"

ordered my board on raya day.. 01-10-08
confirmed shipment on third raya.. 03-10-08
was informed by pos malaysia, my board stuck at KLIA, customs detained.. 09-10-08
i was cursing damn &%$#$#% &*^$%$ im gonna get ^%$%^#..
fax the pos malaysia form, sales invoice to pos malaysia klia.. 10-10-08
well actually it wasn't a big prob actually..
got a call from pos malaysia customs, they were asking "what is a bodyboard",
and i said "mende hok main dalam air, kat laut tu.. main ombak"
and they said "ooo.. papan luncur air la ni. ok ok ni kira sports eqpt. tak kena tax."
thank you mr. customs.. 11-10-08
still got to pay 49.50 though when collecting it at at pos kuantan. (something2 about customs/pos delivery thing charges..)

so moral of the story...
1. ask the online shop to put your order as "GIFT" (usually they do) so you dont get tax.
2. if still get detained, fax the pos m'sia form, invoice.. and particulars of the thing that you bought (i didn't do that, haha)

hope everything come in excellent condition.

just upload this new photo from BSC, this fin look nicer you know. i got the hydro fin when i did the purchase.

Piko.. over & out.

long time no sea..(wave)

this is what happens when theres no wave...

wat almari krusi meja...
gi mari gi mari duk saje....

so today we make a bonfire..

tak lambat lagi utk buat ucapan.. Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semua dari